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The benefits of working with Paramount.

With Paramount, you can let your property without the hassle, risk or stress. Knowing how much rental income to expect helps you to plan ahead financially. We offer a fully managed service to all landlords whether you’re an experienced landlord looking to balance the risk in your property portfolio, are a retired investor seeking a guaranteed return on pension investment or a new landlord, our Guaranteed Rent Scheme gives you peace of mind that your rent will arrive when it’s due.

  • Rent is paid monthly in advance and paid on time
  • No void periods
  • No rent arrears
  • No tenant find fees, management or commission costs
  • No inventory costs
  • A professional and reliable service
  • You will never have to worry about evictions, court costs or legal costs
  • We provide new furniture, white goods and beds free of charge
  • No council tax or utility bills to pay on an empty property
  • No repairs and maintenance costs
  • An increase in your annual rental income see below breakdown
  • Free Electrical Safety Test, Gas Safety Certificate and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

We offer a worry free approach to your property investment.  Let us look after your investment while you just sit back and relax.