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About us

When Paramount was founded in 2014 we had one goal in mind. To provide landlords with the maximum amount of rental income on their properties and to remove all the hassle of being a landlord.

We began in Kent, partnering with local landlords in Medway with our rent guarantee scheme. It wasn’t long before we were managing full property portfolios on our landlords behalves.

We have helped hundreds of landlords and property investors by giving them a guaranteed return on their property investment without the usual hassles associated with managing a property.

With our rent guarantee scheme, landlords can relax and enjoy a fixed monthly rental income. We will manage all of the day-to-day tasks of owning a property such as inspections, letting, tenant enquiries and maintenance. We provide a complete solution for all landlords whether they own one property or a large portfolio.

Our rent guarantee scheme can last up to five years and we can have your property let within 24 hours of viewing it. Throughout Kent and Sussex you will see commonly see our large fleet of maintenance vans.

Paramount's commitment to having and maintaining the highest standard of services ensures that we continue to achieve high occupancy levels. We offer a complete professional service that is tailored for you and your property. Our team is full of property experts that have a wealth of experience in property management and we will always manage your property as if it is our own.